not just design: thoughtful brand handling



Internet, Responsive or Static,
E-commerce, Landing Pages, Micro-Sites, Social Media.

Sometimes  I work with developers.
sometimes I develop sites on my own.  it all depends on size, scope and complexity.

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brochures, booklets, annual reports, ad slicks, sales sheets, presentation or conference materials , posters, menus, invitations...whatever you need to be in print, I will create it and produce technical files that work with your printer based on their particular specs.

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design & coding

Outbound email flights should replicate the experience of the parent website to further brand recognition, while also appearing “special” and time sensitive. using the most respected database marketing platforms, i design and deploy eblasts for optimum response.

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If you don't currently have a logo, icon or stylized identity, I can help you. Then... business cards, letterhead, envelopes, social media imagery, labels, PowerPoint slides, proposals, folders and other assorted specialty items like tradeshow signage, name it!

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I’m Diane Boichut

Digital Designer & Hands-On Art Director

With a passion for communications, a penchant for perfection, and a work ethic that's borderline OCD, I've served on many creative, technology and marketing teams across the globe to create art and commerce for a wide range of clients.

As a Multimedia Designer and art /creative Director specializing in branding and rebranding initiatives since 2002, I've worked with a number of high profile accounts such as The City of Chicago, noble outfitters, Northrop Grumman, AonRe, Better Homes & Gardens, CareerBuilder, SMS Assist a Pritzker Group Company, Radisson SAS, Teri Jon and PepsiCo among others, as well as many entrepreneurial and small business endeavors. Prior to that time, I held senior communications consulting and creative positions with Aon Worldwide and was Director - Corporate Media for USA health network (a national healthcare organization with several divisions in the same vertical space.)

From logo, collateral, out-of-home and corporate identity design to web, social and email design/development and best practices, to video production, scripting, editing and compilation...I keep my hands in all things media.

Interestingly and unlike most designers, I began my career as a copywriter/editor and campaign conceptualist; writing for a bevy of accounts in the quick service food and multi-chain theater verticals including KFC, Perkin’s Family Restaurants, Pizzeria Uno, Friendly’s and UA Theatre Group. It’s this marcom and advertising background (conceptual and analytical) that I believe sets me apart from other designers or art directors who may have the creative chops but lack the big picture know-how to make media that "works" or media that does the "heavy lifting."

As both a marketing designer and communications strategist, I’m responsible for a variety of deliverables and budgets targeting multiple
audience levels, sales objectives and bottom-line goals.

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Your website creates an impression about your organization in the hearts and minds of its viewers. Therefore, it’s critical to get the right image across immediately or you run the risk of people departing because their expectation of your organization was something entirely else. You have 2 seconds. Did you engage your audience? 


as a skilled marcom professional first, i understand image building from a design point of view. and because it’s too easy for visitors to move on, my design goal is to create a unique, interesting and welcoming digital atmosphere so your audience will absorb your message and respond to your call-to-action.


brochures, ad slicks, sales sheets, presentation or tradeshow materials , posters, menus, invitations...whatever you need to be in print, I will create it and produce technical files that work with your printer based on their particular specs.  


If you don't currently have a logo, icon or stylized identity, I can help you by using or enhancing existing service marks, or creating new art and graphics; determining font, color, style, and design points to develop the desired look and feel. cards, letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels, social media imagery, PowerPoint slides, and other assorted specialty items.


Clients are Talking...

"i want to personally acknowledge that there would've been no way that we'd have completed this (rebranding & website) project without diane's expert guidance through the entire process. she's been a true partner to me on every step of the journey. thank you, diane, from the bottom of my heart for your vision, wisdom and creative talents - which are off the charts. it's a joy working with you every day!" 

john martin, evp marketing, sms assist, a pritzker group company 

"we’ve been extremely pleased with the results from diane. her work is top notch. diane is a good communicator which translates into a very efficient working relationship and higher satisfaction rate from our customer. in addition to providing excellent graphics and solid technical support, she is also good working with people and listening to their concerns. she understands what customer service is all about. we appreciate the contributions she brought to our program."

david w. hammond, spiders program manager, northrop grumman

"diane is not simply a graphic designer, she is an artistic genius. a consummate professional, diane beautifully brought to fruition the visions of my mind in a manner that was incredibly creative, thoughtful, and time efficient. she is more than worth every single penny."

justin carter, producer/show runner, breaking & entering tv

"diane helped our business by creating a fantastic logo and an impressive website that included a video, which she shot and edited. her ability to listen to your ideas and create a finished product that is exactly what you wanted, actually often times better than what you had imagined, is incredible! she is everything that you could want from someone in her field! she listens, she is creative and above all else, she is a true professional!"

jean-pierre duteron, founder & chief executive officer, pearson- private social circle

"diane is a gem. we've used her for a variety of projects and have always been happy with the results. whether you have a fully-formed idea of a finished product or give her creative license to come up with a concept, the end result is a masterfully designed product. her graphics have a unique visual flare and a style that bursts off the screen. and she works remarkably fast and her pricing is extremely competitive. would highly recommend her services."

shervin eftekhari, president, zander insurance group

"we searched far and wide for a web designer who could translate our ideas into attractive yet functional designs. diane has done just that and more. i give her the highest recommendation. she’s easy to work with, very fast, and has stayed within budget on projects big and small."

greg letourneau, ceo, knowlera media 

"i'm a perfectionist and my search for a good designer took me on a long journey. i learned the hard way that the majority of designers lack either concept, design and artistic creativity or professionalism and communication skills...or both. another option was to work with a web company or firm; they might be more reliable, but unquestionably more expensive with limited desire to truly understand my goals. then i found diane. she is an expert and offers the hard to find characteristics mentioned above...all in one.  i find myself thinking over and over how good she is -- beyond being a great designer -- her listening and communication skills are incomparable and she's a great collaborator, consultant and steward of the entire creative process! i am very pleased with my website and online store. and one more thing about diane, she accomplishes tasks much faster than you think she be prepared!"

yosi baron, owner, art of diamonds

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